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Way Too Early to Mention Christmas, But…

…I am already being asked to pet sit for mid-to-late December, I can’t believe it!

Luckily, PSU allows us a nice break from about the 15th through New Years’, which frees me up for folks who are making plans to be away.

But, I can’t think about dreary December weather yet, so I will just leave it at that.  The earlier you make your holiday plans, the likelier I will be able to take care of your menagerie, so keep me in mind, okay?

Meanwhile, back to our sensational summer …

I fell in love with a beagle named Bodie….

…and his two feline siblings named Ella and Rudy, and I miss them already!  But their human family came home yesterday and they are all so happy to be together again, that this story has a happy ending.  All week long, Bodie looked at the kids playing at the park, and you could tell he missed his very own boy, but being a bouncing beagle, he would romp with his dog pals in the off-leash area and stay in the present moment of RUN RUN RUN for the ball!

During the heat wave we had this past week, I did see an over-heated dog vomiting and needing to be watered down inside and outside by his owner, who had been chukking the ball too many times for her dog in that high-90s heat and humidity.  Luckily, he recovered after about 15 minutes, and they walked home slowly as a breeze finally whistled up after 8pm.  Go early in the morning for exercise, and go later after 7pm to stay out of the heat for playing and running, because we all know that young dogs don’t want to stop.

This next week is forecast for cooler temps, so I know Bodie and his family will be out at that beautiful park and staying active but cool.  I forgot to ask them if they knew Bodie stalked like a cat in the grass, then pounced – he learned something from the older cats in the family, obviously.

I love big dogs! (as long as they don’t bite)

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And almost ALL THE TIME, they love me.  Except for one lately that just wasn’t sure about me being in his home without his human.

He bit me.

I’m okay, but this experience reminded me to discuss having an introduction with your pets, especially your big dogs, that will give us a chance to ‘meet and greet’, associate my scent with their owner’s presence, and allow us to get comfortable before you leave them alone.

And when discussing your dog’s insecurities, please mention any biting history, and I will certainly inquire about it.  If your dog is a biter, I’ll suggest that another arrangement should be made that will give you both more security.


Dogwalking and 30 minute pet visits

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Just need a check-in during the day? Just $10!

Going out of town? Call me, so “Pets Stay Home!”

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Pets Stay Home flier June 2011

Even though it seems as if summer will never get here, that shouldn’t stop anyone from taking a sunny vacation for a few days or weeks out of the Willamette Valley ‘Forever-April’ climate.

That’s where I come in and assure you that your energetic dogs, elderly cats and spring chickens will enjoy the best care while you’re finding the sunshine, because I can see to their needs and keep them out of a cramped and noisy boarding situation.  Not only would they miss you, but they are stuck in a wire cage with a bunch of strangers.

Some friends or neighbors might not do chickens, and may agree to just feed your dog and cat, but—-what about reliable medication and slow walks for elderly dogs?  Watering your raised beds and feeding the koi?  Cleaning the goat pen and chicken coop during your two week trip to Thailand?

Being a full-time PSU grad student and Portland resident with pets of my own, I have been able to arrange clients with classwork in a way that allows me to have the flexibility to meet the animals’ schedules.  If there’s any doubt that I can accommodate your pet’s needs, I will tell you right away so you have time to make other arrangements.

Here’s a look at my suggested rates:

30 minute dogwalk or daytime check-in    $10

Cat, dog, chicken, goat, fish care includes:

feeding, walking, playing, cleaning up $25/day

if medication is needed $30/day

Garden, yard, plant watering, coop cleaning, yard mowing $20/day

Combo package $35-40/day

Combo package with medication $45/day

Driving beyond inner PDX $ 5/day

So leaving the two cats and your dog at the boarders will cost———$$$$

Paying the neighbor teen to water and mow———$$

Replacing the dried-out flowers and burned-out garden———–$$$

The folks who have hired and relied on me over the years to take care of their animals and homes can answer any questions you may have, and offered to provide recommendations to assist me in expanding my services.  If you and your pets have special needs, I’m happy to discuss those with you and determine if I can meet those requirements.  I’ve spent my entire life around animals, rescued pets, and support the ethical and humane treatment of animals, including farm animals.  If you’re traveling with phone or internet access, I’m happy to call or email updates.

Consider calling or emailing me when making your plans to be away—short trips, weekends, holidays, vacations, whatever!


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